Academic Options

Bellevue College offers numerous academic options designed to meet the needs of students. Whether you are looking to enter the Health & Wellness field by gaining technical skills through a certificate, obtain a health related associate degree, or compete a bachelor’s degree to become more competitive in the Health & Wellness field, we may have something to meet your needs. Please explore your options below.


Step 1: Certificate

Students looking to enter the Health & Wellness field may find that a certificate meets their needs. Bellevue College offers certificates designed to prepare students with real life skills and applicable knowledge. We offer certificates in Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Outdoor Recreation Leadership. Our certificates are also a pathway towards other academic options such as the Health & Wellness, BAS program  Learn more…


Step 2: Associates Degree

Students seeking an associate degree related to Health & Wellness have several option at Bellevue College. These options prepare students to enter the workforce with a well rounded education and also lead to advanced degree opportunities on the Bellevue College campus. Learn more….


Step 3: Bachelors Degree Completion 

Bellevue College offers several Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree options for Health & Wellness professionals. These degree completion options are designed to prepare professionals for the workforce with applied skills backed by relevant industry knowledge. Learn more…

Last Updated October 20, 2022