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Gladys Rowe

Health & Wellness, BAS Faculty Member


I am Muskego Inniniw (Swampy Cree) of mixed ancestry with membership in Fox Lake Cree Nation. This is in Northern Manitoba, in Canada, near the Nelson River and not far from the mouth of the Hudson Bay. I have lived most of my life in cities across Canada. We moved to the United States in 2016 and have been living in Washington State since the summer of 2018.

I am humbled to be a guest on the lands of the Coast Salish peoples and work to learn more about how to be in good relationship with the original peoples of this land.

I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

To learn more about the traditional lands you live on click here. To learn more about the Duwamish Peoples click here

I have a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Victoria and a Master of Social Work from University of Manitoba. I completed my Interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Manitoba (Social Work, Native Studies, and English, film & theatre). My dissertation is titled: Resurgence of Indigenous Nationhood: Centering the stories of Indigenous full spectrum doulas.

I have been teaching since 2009 both in person and distance education courses. I have taught courses about Indigenous peoples and social work practice, program development, evaluation, research methods, and family issues across the lifespan.

Currently I am an independent scholar, and my work includes supporting institutions to develop innovative and Indigenous grounded evaluations, and as a subject matter expert revising and Indigenizing social work curriculum.

Most recently I was a Research Coordinator at Partnerships for Native Health at Washington State University for the Native Center for Alcohol Research and Education. Before that I was the Research Manager at the Winnipeg Boldness Project (, an exciting research and development initiative where we use community driven approaches to do social innovation to work to improve outcomes for children and families in Point Douglas (the North End).

Previous to this I have many years experience working in the area of First Nation maternal and child health research, community driven research and evaluation, as well as using Indigenous methodologies within numerous other research projects.

I love creating – and have worked on a film project with my production company Flicker & Rise Productions. We recently released our first film Stories of Decolonization: Land Settlement and Dispossession and have begun work on our second in the series. You can find more out about the project here. I also paint and write poetry. I am very excited to get to know each of you!