Enrich Your Life

Whether your plans consist of a vacation, a simple trip to another country, or you have long range goals to include foreign languages in your career as you enter the mainstream of professional life, studying a foreign language will definitely enrich your life.

Many majors offer a variety of career options in which foreign language skills have proven invaluable. Studying a World Language helps students gain a better perspective about the social, political, historical, and cultural aspect of other parts of the world. Many organizations require bilingual employees to maximize their potential.

Increase Opportunities

With globalization, proficiency in a World Language is essential. As technology narrows distances, thousands of corporations and organizations have realized the need for a bilingual workforce. Today, bilingual speakers and writers are needed in business and corporate offices, the medical profession, classrooms, and government. Moreover, students that have mastered a World Language find themselves as educators, import/export agents, international relations professionals, webmasters, customs and immigration officials, anthropologists, pastors, interpreters and translators, archeologists, missionaries, historians, journalists, and travel agents.

Last Updated June 1, 2020