Xiaojing Shen

Adjunct Chinese Instructor


My name is Xiaojing Shen. I am so excited to start teaching mandarin Chinese at Bellevue College (BC) in this coming fall. I was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. This life experience makes me have native proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and Shanghai dialect. I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature Education in Shanghai and my Master’s degree majored in second language teaching in the USA. I have taught Chinese classes for students of different ages and really enjoy those teaching experiences. I believe that students are the center of the classroom, and try to involve students into the learning process. In addition, I like to introduce Chinese cultures related to students’ lives and the lessons they are learning. I understand that BC students are from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, and will behave fairly to every student. In my leisure time, I like cooking, swimming, travelling, listening to music and playing with my kid. I am also a fan of eating and enjoy trying foods from different places.