Yuko Hanamure-Stalter

Adjunct Japanese Instructor


Yuko Hanamure-Stalter was born in Tokyo and raised in Kagoshima, the southern part of Kyushu. She received her BA in English from Kagoshima University and a MA in Japanese Pedagogy at the University of Hawaii. Yuko spent her teenage time with her deep love for music. When she was a sophomore she took a 6-month break from college and studied abroad in Fresno, California in order to improve her communication skills in English. The experience shifted her interest from music to utilizing her language skills for a future career. During her graduate studies Yuko was especially interested in seeing the relationship between a learner’s personality and learning style. This has helped her to recognize the various learning styles of her students and their diverse needs in everyday teaching. In Hawaii Yuko has taught at the University of Hawaii, Chaminade University, and Kapiolani Community College. After moving to the Seattle area in 2008 she has taught at Everett Community College, Cascadia Community College and Seattle Central Community College. She joined Bellevue College in 2009. Outside of teaching, she enjoys singing, going to baseball games and daily walk with her husband.