The following information is an excerpt from the Memorandum of Understanding between Bellevue College and Washington State University as they further explore this possible partnership.

Bellevue College (BC) and Washington State University (WSU) agree to explore a formal partnership between the two institutions in order to increase higher education opportunities for Washingtonians in the communities where they live; specifically in the greater Seattle metropolitan area. The focus of this partnership is to:

  • Create a truly unique educational institution that addresses unmet educational needs by expanding collaborative learning environments and diversifying academic-career pathways that lead to continued higher education or directly to a career.
  • Leverage the innovations and efficiencies of both parties to create an extraordinary union of open enrollment, affordability, accountability, quality, and excellence.
  • Increase access to and support for success in full array of degrees and certificates (credit & noncredit) that offers a continuous, seamless educational experience leading to successful careers for global citizens

This partnership will provide high-quality and high-access educational opportunities and develop a nimble approach to meet work force needs. In so doing, it will strive to become a center for curricular/pedagogical innovation and excellence.

WSU-Bellevue College will continue to offer its broad array of two-year degrees but will augment four-year degree offerings over time based upon regional need. Students will be able to complete selected four-year degrees at WSU-Bellevue College, as well as transfer in a seamless manner to other WSU campuses for programs not available at WSU-Bellevue College. WSU-Bellevue College will be run on a semester basis.

Supplemental Document:  A companion document to this memorandum has been provided as a guide for further conversations to work out the details of subsequent conversations and is pending Board approval.

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