Software Test Engineer Certificate Program

The Software Test Engineer (STE) Certificate Program is designed to qualify students for jobs as entry-level software testers. These jobs require workers who can successfully find software bugs and provide logical, concise written reports on them. To train students to complete these tasks, the program provides a solid foundation in C# programming fundamentals, testing principles and methods, and test planning, modeling, and reporting as well as an introduction to C# automation and structured query language.

See an overview table of required and elective courses in the program for more details. Courses in the program may be taken individually or as part of the full certificate program.

To earn the certificate, students must complete 199 course hours including a final Capstone course. In this course, students complete an e-commerce testing project that demonstrates the skills and knowledge developed in earlier courses.

The program was designed with the guidance of software testing industry professionals to best reflect the skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Because courses emphasize learning by doing, they incorporate extensive lab exercises to teach skills such as client-server testing and bug eradication. All instructors are experienced professionals currently working in the software testing field, and Bellevue College Continuing Education has been successfully training software testers for more than ten years.

The program’s small classes let instructors give students personal attention. Classes are taught during evenings and weekends to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. Our flexible program lets you start any quarter you like and finish at your own pace. You can take as few as one or two classes a week. Although the program can be completed in as little as nine months, you may take as long as 3 years to earn your certificate.

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Current Software Test Engineer Certificate Program Classes