Don't be the last to know! Sign up for BC Alerts. Get immediate alerts on your phone when classes are cancelled, campus is closed, or there is an emergency. It's easy! (Graphic of BC Bulldog in front of Classes Cancelled sign, saying 'I could have stayed in bed!)

In the case of a campus emergency an archive of alerts will display below. The most recent alert will also display at the top of web pages, be emailed to all campus addresses, and texted to you if you have registered your mobile number.

To report an emergency, dial 9-1-1! You can also contact public safety at (425) 564-2400.

N Building | Closed till further notice

BC Alert: N Building(main campus) closed till further notice. All classes(N building) starting after 11:30 AM are being rescheduled. Please check your email.

N Building | Closed till 11:30 AM

BC Alert: N Building closed until further notice due to electrical issues. All classes and events(N bldg.) starting before 11:30 AM are cancelled.

All Sites | Delayed Start | 02/13/2019

02/13 – Main campus will resume operations and services at 10:00 AM, with classes starting at 10:30 AM. North campus services and classes will begin at 12:00 PM

All Sites Closed: Inclement Weather

BC Alert: Main and North campuses closed due to icy conditions. There will be no day or evening classes, events, or services.

Campus Closure: All Sites Closed

BC Alert: Due to inclement weather, both Main and North campuses are now closed for Monday, February 11, 2019.

All Sites Closed: Inclement Weather

BC Alert: Main and North campuses closed due to inclement weather for February 10, 2019. No classes, events, or services.

All Sites | Early Closure | 11:30 AM

BC Alert: Due to inclement weather, all Main and North campus classes, services, and events will end at 11:30 AM for February 8, 2019 through February 9, 2019.