2050 Student Code

Original Date: 6/11/1992 * Last Revision Effective: 9/11/2012
Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Services


Bellevue College is maintained by the state of Washington for the purpose of providing its students with appropriate learning programs which will facilitate the orderly pursuit and achievement of their educational objectives. The college is dedicated not only to learning and the advancement of knowledge but also to the development of ethically sensitive and responsible persons through policies which encourage independence and maturity.

The student is in the unique position of being a member of the college community and the community at large. Admission to the college carries with it the expectation that students:

  • will respect and abide by the laws of the community, state, and nation;
  • will adhere to college rules and regulations which assure the orderly conduct of college affairs;
  • will maintain high standards of integrity and honesty;
  • will respect the rights, privileges, and property of other members of the college community; and
  • will not interfere with legitimate college affairs.

Bellevue College may apply sanctions or take other appropriate action only when student conduct interferes with the college’s:

  • primary educational responsibility of ensuring the opportunity of all members of the college community to attain their educational objectives;
  • subsidiary responsibilities of protecting property, keeping records, providing services, and sponsoring non-classroom activities such as lectures, concerts, athletic events, and social functions.

An atmosphere of learning and self-development is created by appropriate conditions in the college community. The rights, freedoms, and responsibilities in this document are critical ingredients toward the free, creative, and spirited educational environment to which the students, faculty, and staff of Bellevue College are committed.


All rules herein adopted concerning student conduct and discipline shall apply to every student whenever said student is participating in a distance education class or event, or is attending a class, or is present in any college facility, or whenever said student is engaged in or present at any college-related activity whether occurring on or off college facilities.

Faculty members, other college employees, and members of the public who breach or aid or abet another in the breach of any provision of this chapter shall be subject to:

  • possible prosecution under the state criminal law;
  • any other civil or criminal liability for which remedies are available to the public; or
  • appropriate disciplinary action pursuant to the state of Washington Higher Education Personnel Board or the college’s policies and regulations.

The college may carry out any disciplinary proceedings prior to, simultaneously, or following civil or criminal proceedings in a court of law.


As used in this student code of Bellevue College, the following words and phrases shall mean:


  • means the board of trustees of Bellevue College, state of Washington.


  • means Bellevue College located within the state of Washington.

College property or facilities

  • are any and all real and personal property that the college owns, uses, controls or operates, including all equipment, buildings and appurtenances affixed thereon or attached thereto. College property and facilities extend to affiliated websites, distance education classroom environments, and agencies or institutions that have educational agreements with the college.

College personnel

  • refers to any person employed on a full-time or part-time basis, except those who are faculty members, by Bellevue College.

Disciplinary action

  • includes warning, reprimand, probation, expulsion, suspension, or any sanction of any student by the vice president of student services, the college discipline committee, the president, or the board of trustees for the violation of any of the provisions of the student code for which sanctions may be imposed.

Distance education

  • means various methods of instructional delivery that include, but are not limited to, online courses, telecourses and interactive video courses.

Faculty member

  • means any employee of Bellevue College who is employed on a full-time or part-time basis as a teacher, counselor, librarian, or other position for which the training, experience, and responsibilities are comparable as determined by the appointing authority, including administrative appointment.


  • means the duly appointed chief executive officer of Bellevue College or in his/her absence, the acting chief executive officer.

Sponsored event or activity

  • shall mean any activity that is scheduled by the college and supervised and controlled by the college’s faculty members, librarians, counselors, or other college personnel. Such “sponsorship” shall continue only as long as the event is supervised and controlled by the college faculty member, librarian, counselor, or other college personnel. When the sponsored event or activity is of prolonged nature, and free time periods are permitted to the students participating in the event, any activity taking place during such a free time period outside of the supervision and control of the activity shall be deemed to a non-sponsored activity.


  • unless otherwise qualified, means any person who is enrolled for classes or has been accepted for admission to the college

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Revision History

Original 6/11/1992
Revisions 5/14/2003; 3/22/2005; 8/4/2005; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012

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