6350 Smoking on Campus

Original Date: 7/11/1990 * Last Revision Effective: 5/21/2009
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


In accordance with the Washington Clean Indoor Air Act of 1985 (RCW 70.160) and in recognition of the Executive Order Establishing Governor’s Policy on Smoking in State Facilities, it shall be the policy of Bellevue College to limit smoking and tobacco use on campus as follows:

  1. Smoking and tobacco use is permitted only in designated locations. Administrative services will designate locations outside the campus courtyard on the main campus.
  2. Smoking and tobacco use shall not be permitted in college vehicles.

Campus operations will provide signage at the three main entrances to campus to inform people of our policy. Signs and ashtrays will be placed at the main pedestrian entrances to campus from our parking lots. A map depicting designated smoking and tobacco use areas is available from campus operations. Information about smoking areas at off campus locations will be posted at each site.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 7/11/1990
Revisions 9/12/2000; 5/10/2005; 5/21/2009

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Board of Trustees
President’s Staff