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Employees are your most important asset. Are you investing in them like you invest in other parts of your business? Decreasing employee turnover in this more competitive economy can increase your success and profitability. Employees leave a company for many reasons – poor management, lack of advancement opportunities, lack of connection to the company vision, job mismatch and more. Providing training and development workshops for your employees can help reduce your turnover in many ways.

We will work with you to develop a strategy for your business based on your needs and outcomes. We will continue to work with you after the training is done to assess continuing needs.

We can structure our training to fit your business size. We have developed training for some of the largest corporations in the Seattle area and we have provided training to both small and large businesses in the area.

Corporate Solutions provides custom and off-the-shelf corporate group training workshops that help corporations and nonprofits meet today’s business challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing world.

Corporate Solutions provides:

  • Professional assessment of your organization’s learning needs.
  • Customized programs tailored to your unique needs, KPI’s, and business objectives.
  • Practical, real-world training with industry specific scenarios.
  • Workshops incorporating your culture and industry language.
  • Pre and post training evaluations to prove effectiveness.
  • Learning aids to take away and use again.
  • Facilitators who are industry professionals.
  • Workshops delivered at your site, online or at our North Bellevue campus.
  • A part of the insights and learning of the third largest institution of higher education in the state.

Why Corporate Solutions at Bellevue College?

  • We offer training in both technical skills and soft skills.
  • Bellevue College is a Technical Center of Excellence.
  • We offer total training needs.
  • We can build a program based on your needs.
  • One rate for the instructor and the materials.
  • Flexibility. We can offer workshops in your location or ours.
  • We customize based on your size.
  • We adapt based on your needs.

Corporate Solutions provides workshops on:

  • Professional Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Project Management
  • Languages

Make your organization as strong as it can be with your people and our training and development resources. Make strong teams, dynamic contributors and effective leaders with us.


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Last Updated December 7, 2018