3000P2 Incomplete Grades and Course Auditing (Procedures)

Original Date: 6/25/2019 * Last Revision Effective: 6/25/2019
Policy Contact: Provost for Academic and Student Affairs


The following procedures are established to provide guidance regarding incomplete grades and course auditing. Bellevue College instruction is a state resource subject to state law and ethics rules, which guide these procedures.


Incomplete (I) Grade

An incomplete (I) grade provides students who are unable to complete a class on schedule with the option of completing the class at a later date without a second registration or tuition and fee payment. Students who receive an incomplete grade may not attend the class in a subsequent quarter. Issuing an incomplete grade is at the discretion of the instructor; instructors may not issue an incomplete grade without student consent.

The following conditions must be met for an incomplete grade to be issued:

  • Students must request an incomplete grade.
  • Students must have completed at least 85 percent of the required coursework.
  • Students must have earned at least a “C” average in all completed work for the class at the time the incomplete grade is submitted.
  • Students must reach an agreement with their instructors regarding outstanding coursework and the timeframe for completion before an incomplete grade is issued.

The agreement may not extend beyond the end of the following quarter, with the exception of spring courses, for which the agreement may not extend beyond fall quarter. Instructors may request an extension of the agreed-upon timeframe by contacting the registrar’s office. An extension may not exceed one year from the end of the quarter in which the incomplete grade was issued.

The registrar’s office routinely converts grades of “I” to grades of “F” at the end of the following quarter if the instructor does not submit a grade change form or request an extension. Incomplete grades from spring courses are converted at the end of fall quarter unless a grade change form or extension request is received.

Course Auditing

Students may elect to audit any class the college offers at the time of registration or they may switch to an audit within the first ten instruction days of the quarter (see the academic calendar for exact dates). The following conditions apply to course auditing:

  • Students who wish to audit a class must register, pay full tuition and fees, and be listed on the official class roster.
  • An audited class is recorded on the Bellevue College transcript with a grade of “N.” “N” grades do not factor into a student’s grade point average (GPA).
  • An auditing student’s participation in class activities and submission of coursework and tests is at the instructor’s discretion.


Instruction days. Days the college is open and holding classes. Breaks between quarters, weekends, holidays, or non-instructional days do not count. Consult the academic calendar for details.

Course auditing. Auditing enables registered students who have paid full tuition and fees to observe class activities and receive instruction. Students may not participate in class activities, turn in assignments, or take exams without instructor permission.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

RCW 42.52.070 Special Privileges

Ethics in Public Service: An in-depth review of RCW 42.52 [PDF]

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Original 6/25/2019

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