1450 General Complaint Resolution

Original Date: 9/30/2003 * Last Revision Effective: 4/18/2024
Policy Contact: President


Bellevue College recognizes that disputes may sometimes arise and that students, employees, and visitors who feel they have been treated unfairly have the right to be heard fairly and promptly. The purpose of this policy and associated procedures is to provide a systematic, fair, and timely way in which to express and resolve misunderstandings, complaints, or dissatisfaction. The college encourages parties involved in a complaint to resolve the conflict or matter informally, and both parties to agree on restorative practices whenever possible. If resolution cannot be reached, a formal process described in 1450P provides an impartial and equitable way to resolve those conflicts.

Complaints or concerns regarding discrimination, harassment, or retaliation related to a protected class should refer to Policy 1440/1440P. Contract violations are addressed through the appropriate grievance process. Concerns regarding student conduct are addressed through the student conduct code (WAC 132H-126). Concerns regarding sexual harassment are addressed through Policy 1445/1445P/1445P2.


It is against college policy to penalize or retaliate against any party for their participation in resolution procedures 1450P. College employees are required to participate, provide information as requested, and otherwise fully cooperate with the processes described therein.

Intentional Dishonesty

Intentional dishonesty during the course of an investigation following this policy shall be subject to corrective or disciplinary action, in accordance with collective bargaining agreements, college policy, or student code.

Confidentiality & Rights to Privacy

Confidentiality will be maintained to the degree possible during the resolution process; however, all documentation created at any point in this process could be subject to disclosure and could be used as evidence in an investigation and in a court of law.

Accommodation in the resolution process

Employees and campus visitors with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate in these processes should contact the human resources office (HRO). Students with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate in these processes should contact the disability resource center (DRC).

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

1440 Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation

1440P Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation (Procedures)

1445 Title IX Sexual Harassment

1445P Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint (procedures)

1445P2 Supplemental Title IX Employee Complaint (procedures)

1450P General Complaint Resolution (Procedures)

3000P Grade Dispute (Procedures)

Revision History

Original 1/15/1996
Revisions 9/30/2003; 3/22/2005; 4/18/2006; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 10/10/2014; 2/5/2015; 10/17/2018; 12/20/2020; 4/18/2024

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Board of Trustees

Last Updated April 26, 2024