1500 Access to Public Records

Original Date: 3/23/1999 * Last Revision Effective: 2/5/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


Bellevue College complies with the Washington state public disclosure laws (RCW 42.56) governing access to public records and provides the fullest assistance for access to public records. The college also protects the rights of others, for example, the right to privacy for student education records and employee personnel files while also minimizing disruption to the operation of college programs and services. Public records requests and compliance with those requests will be coordinated by the office of the vice president of administrative services.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

RCW 34.05, 40.14.060, 42.56
WAC 132H-169
Bellevue College Procedure #1500P Access to Public Records

Revision History

Original 3/23/1999
Revisions 1/11/2005; 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 12/7/2010; 2/5/2015

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President’s Cabinet

Last Updated February 5, 2015