2200P Admission Rules (Procedures)

Original Date: 4/18/1973 * Last Revision Effective: 2/9/2021
Policy Contact: Associate Vice President, Student Affairs


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #2200 – Admission Rules.


General College Admission

The general admission application creates a record for each student admitted to the college and determines Washington State residency for the purpose of establishing tuition and fees, in accordance with WAC 250-18.

All prospective students who plan to take credit classes are required to complete the online general college admission application by the deadline posted on the academic calendar and pay any published fees. Former students who previously completed the general admission application and had their residency status established are not required to complete the application a second time. The link to the general admission application can be found on the admissions webpage. Applications are processed in the order submitted.

Selective Admission Programs

Prospective students who plan to participate in a selective or competitive academic program must first complete the online general college admission application and pay any published fees. Selective academic programs have a separate program admission process that applicants must complete prior to registering for classes; applicants are also required to pay a program admission fee. Applicants should review the academic programs’ webpage for program requirements and the admission process.

International Education

Prospective international students do not complete the general college admission application. Applicants must follow the process established by the BC Office of International Education to gain admission to the college and register for classes.

Underage Admission

High School Student Enrollment Options Programs

Programs targeted to underage populations, also referred to as high school student enrollment options programs, such as Running Start, CEO (Career Education Options), College in the High School, Pacific NW College Credit, and programs associated with basic and transitional studies (BATS), or a successor program, may allow program admission to applicants under the age of 18, without the need to complete the general college admission application. Each program establishes requirements and processes that all applicants must follow prior to registering for classes.

Students registering for classes that are outside the program’s funding options, or program parameters, must complete the general college admission application to establish Washington State residency for the purpose of paying tuition and fees.

Underage High School Applicants Not Participating in a H.S. Student Enrollment Option Program

The college admits applicants under the age of 18 who are enrolled in a district or private high school or home-schooled high school with exceptional or extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Underage applicants must follow the process described on the underage admissions webpage.

Revision History

Original 4/18/1973
Revisions 3/18/2003; 3/22/2005; 3/31/2009; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 4/6/2015; 2/9/2021

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Last Updated February 11, 2021