2400 Tuition and Fee Waivers

Original Date: 9/12/1995 * Last Revision Effective: 1/6/2016

Policy Contact: Vice President, Student Affairs


In accordance with state law and regulations, Bellevue College offers both mandatory and optional tuition and fee waivers for specific categories of students. The Bellevue College Board of Trustees approves the establishment of optional waivers, as well as the amount of the waiver and any adjustments deemed appropriate.

The college has developed procedures and detailed information advising students of the availability, the amount, and how to access all mandatory and optional tuition and fee waivers.

The board of trustees has approved the following optional tuition and fee waivers:

  • Financially needy students who are eligible to pay resident tuition: tuition waiver – state support classes only (eligibility determined by the financial aid office)
  • Eligible veterans or National Guard members: 25 percent waiver of tuition – state support classes only
  • Other eligible military or naval veterans: 25 percent waiver of tuition – state support classes only
  • Military service members eligible to participate in the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program: waives building fees; and services and activities fees
  • Athletic waiver – resident and nonresident: 25 percent waiver of tuition and fees for eligible students (up to 15 credits per quarter)
  • Ungraded courses: parent education – waives 85 percent of tuition and all building and S & A fees
  • Nonresident – waives operating fee differential for specific student groups
    • Students taking only online classes
    • Eligible students who have completed the residency paperwork and been approved for a future quarter – limited to 40 percent waiver
  • Nonresident higher education employees: waives nonresident tuition differential
  • International student exchange: waives nonresident tuition differential
    • Limited to 100 foreign exchange students per year, with an equal number of Bellevue College domestic students placed in exchange country
  • Refugees: waives nonresident tuition differential
  • Senior citizens (audit only): five (5) dollar fee charged – state support classes only (enrollment on space available basis and limited to two course per quarter)
  • State employees with enrollment preference given to Bellevue College employees: five (5) dollar fee plus all classroom related fees charged – state support classes only (enrollment on a space available basis; and limited to 12 credit per quarter)
  • Waiver of 25 dollar fee for ABE, ESL, GED preparation classes for financially needy students (eligibility determined by appropriate department)
  • Transportation fees for Workforce Education, ABE/GEC/ESL, Running Start, Career Education Options, and Multicultural Services financially needy students (eligibility determined by appropriate departments)

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Revision History

Original 9/12/1995
Revisions 10/22/1997; 3/22/2005; 12/13/2005; 9/12/2007; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 4/6/2015; 6/24/2015; 1/6/2016

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