2950P Faith or Conscience Accommodations (Procedures)

Original Date: 5/17/2016 * Last Revision Effective: 11/5/2019
Policy Contact: Provost for Academic and Student Affairs


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #2950 – Faith or Conscience Accommodations.


To receive a religious accommodation for reasons of faith or conscience, students must complete a Request for Accommodation for Reasons of Faith or Conscience online form (available on the Online Services for Students webpage) within the first two weeks of a course and prior to the date the accommodation is needed.

The associate vice president of student affairs or designee will coordinate with instructors on providing accommodations and notify students about details of the accommodations (approved absence or hardship dates; specific assignments, activities or exams that are impacted; details such as extending a deadline, allowing a make-up exam or allowing an alternate assignment or activity.) Students may make-up exams in the Testing Services Office at the discretion of the instructor and at no charge to the student.

Appeal Process

If a student believes that the coordinated accommodations are insufficient, they may request a meeting with the associate vice president of student affairs. If a resolution cannot be reached, students should use the procedures outline in BC Policy 1440P, Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation. The student may also use the Student Central online appeal process to request a withdrawal and refund of tuition and fees for the impacted class(s).

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 5/17/2016
Revisions 8/27/2019 (temporary); 11/5/2019

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Last Updated October 30, 2023