3210P Academic Forgiveness (Procedures)

Original Date: 2/28/2006 * Last Revision Effective: 4/7/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President of Student Affairs


The following procedures are established to meet the requirements for implementing policy #3210 – Academic Forgiveness.


At the time the student is ready to apply for graduation, an enrolled student may complete a petition for academic forgiveness form. The petition may not be filed after the degree or certificate has been posted on the transcript. Students are responsible for ascertaining if the academic forgiveness policy would affect their current or future eligibility status particularly with financial aid or veteran’s benefits or other financial assistance programs.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Prior to the application deadline for the quarter in which the student plans to graduate, the student meets with a counselor to discuss the personal circumstances that existed during the quarter(s) of poor academic performance. The student must declare the specific quarter before which all grades will be excluded from the cumulative GPA listed on the Bellevue College transcript.
  • The counselor determines if academic forgiveness is the appropriate option and can require the student to submit documentation of the circumstances.
  • The counselor reviews the student’s overall academic record and recommends the quarter(s) to be considered for forgiveness.
  • Upon verification and recommendation by the counselor, the petition for academic forgiveness form is signed and submitted to the evaluations office senior administrator for review, along with the application for graduation.
  • Upon verification of completion of the degree and/or certificate, the permanent transcript will be revised to show an asterisk (*) next to the course grade(s) that have been forgiven.

Appeal Process

If a student petition is denied by the counselor the student may appeal to the academic standards committee through the vice president of student affairs office. Final appeals will be reviewed by the vice president of instruction, who will have the final authority to approve or deny the petition.


Academic forgiveness

  • Designated courses will not count in the calculation of the student’s Bellevue College cumulative grade point average for the purposes of graduation; however, other colleges are universities may include forgiven course(s) and/or grades in their eligibility for admission or graduation.

Revision History

Original 02/28/2006
Revision 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 4/7/2015

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President’s Cabinet

Last Updated April 7, 2015