3250 Final Examination Policy

Original Date: 1/17/1973 * Last Revision Effective: 6/20/2023
Policy Contact: Vice President, Instruction


It is the policy of Bellevue College that final exams may be used only in connection with the use of other evaluative techniques throughout each period of instruction, and no examination, including the final exam, shall make up more than 33 percent of a student’s final grade. Consultation between the instructor and the student is deemed desirable concerning the specific results of examinations, quizzes, or other evaluative techniques or circumstances.

Schedule Issues

Instructors are not required to give final examinations; however, a college-wide final examination period is scheduled each quarter, according to the following considerations and restrictions:

  • The final week of the quarter shall have no more than a three-day schedule providing a contiguous two-hour time period for each class for purposes of testing, review, etc.
  • The final exam schedule will be published in the quarterly schedule for each quarter.
  • During the final examination period, classes are expected to meet during the published time whether final exams are being given or not; instructors have the option of giving no final exam or of giving exams of less than two hours’ duration.
  • The final examination schedule is for college credit classes only. Continuing education and community service classes will meet as regularly scheduled through the final week of the quarter.

Restrictions and Conflicts

  • Final examinations in the last week of the quarter are restricted to the examination schedule. Classes will meet according to the final examination schedule. Classes will not meet during the final examination period other than as indicated in the exam schedule.
  • An instructor with questions and/or conflicts should discuss these with their division chair.
  • Students shall not be required to take more than two final exams in any single day. The student should discuss the conflict with the instructors involved and arrange for an alternate day and time for one or more examinations.
  • Efforts are made to avoid double-scheduling of final exams. However, in instances when a student has more than one exam scheduled for the same time period, the student should discuss the conflict in advance with the instructors involved and plan for an alternate day and time for one or more examinations.

Revision History

Original 1/17/1973
Revisions 3/22/2005; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 4/7/2015; 6/20/2023

Approved By

Board of Trustees

Last Updated June 28, 2023