3600 Copyright and the Right of Fair Use

Original Date: 11/5/1996 * Last Revision Effective: 10/15/2016
Policy Contact: Dean, Library Media Services


Bellevue College respects the individual initiative and inventiveness involved in the creation of intellectual property. Though modern technological developments (computers, photocopiers, facsimile machines, digital scanners, etc.) have made infringement of copyrights easy and even common place in our society, Bellevue College expects all students, faculty, and staff members to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws governing copyrighted material.

This policy is supplemented by the Bellevue College Software Licensing Compliance Policy, and any other applicable Bellevue College policies, procedures and/or standards, together with local, state and/or federal laws which relate to copyright compliance.

This policy applies to all Bellevue College employees, students and/or non-employees who may be authorized to use any state resources at any Bellevue College facility. The principles of this policy extend to, and include, any use of Bellevue College resources, regardless of its location. Access to information resources, the sharing of information, and the security of the intellectual products of the community all require that each and every user accept responsibility to protect the rights of the community.

  • The Bellevue College copyright policy is formulated in accordance with the provisions of U.S. Code Title 17 on Copyrights, particularly Section 107 on fair use. The updated policy is posted on the LMC website.
  • All materials used in instruction as well as those used in carrying out the business of the college should be prepared with the awareness of the published Bellevue College copyright policy. This will include materials used in all modes of teaching and document delivery.
  • Request for copyright permission can be initiated by the office of the LMC dean. Whenever applicable, the LMC may use outside agencies to acquire copyright permission.
  • The cost of acquiring copyright permission may be assumed by the LMC or the college. Whenever applicable, the cost may be passed on to the students.
  • The copyright policy extends to honoring site license agreements that are entered into by the college with database vendors providing instructional materials in text, images, or other sound.
  • LMC dean will consult with appropriate information resources staff on copyright issues that involve use of technology.
  • Instructors will include in their syllabus the college policy on plagiarism in order to make students aware of the importance of copyright and intellectual property as part of their learning experience at Bellevue College.


The primary responsibility for maintenance and administration of this policy rests with the dean of the library media center, who is assigned as the campus copyright officer. The dean is responsible for drafting any updates and changes to the policies and procedures with input from the campus. After appropriate campus review and final approval by the college president, the dean will announce the new or revised policy to the campus providing a brief description of the policy, and its implications for employees and other affected individuals or groups.

The Bellevue College copyright policy is posted on the LMC website.

Revision History

Original 11/5/1996
Revisions 11/18/2003; 5/10/2005; 5/21/2009; 9/11/2012; 4/7/2015; 10/15/2016

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Last Updated October 15, 2016