4160 Relocation Expenses

Original Date: 4/17/2012 * Last Revision Effective: 12/12/23
Policy Contact: Vice President, Human Resources


Bellevue College is permitted by the state of Washington to pay moving expenses for eligible new or transferring employees. Bellevue College may, in exceptional cases (such as hard to fill positions) and at its discretion, pay for certain costs directly related to relocation of a new employee to accept employment at Bellevue College. Approval by the president is required.

Bellevue College will follow the policies and procedures detailed in the state Office of Financial Management’s State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM), Chapter 60, “Moving Expenses,” and comply with state laws, RCW 43.03.060 and 43.03.110 through 43.03.210.

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Original 4/17/2012
Revision 4/7/2015; 12/12/23

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