4990P Service of Process (Procedures)

Official Date: 10/9/1996 * Last Revision Effective: 2/21/24
Policy Contact: Vice President, Human Resources


Under state law, process servers seeking to serve an individual must generally personally serve a copy of the summons and complaint on that individual. This means that a process server must actually deliver a copy of the summons and complaint using the following procedures.


To protect the interests of Bellevue College employees, all process servers (those attempting to deliver summonses, subpoenas, etc.) should be directed to public safety. Public safety will arrange a time and place for the individual being served to receive the legal documents in such a way as to minimize embarrassment and preserve confidentiality. If a Bellevue College employee unwittingly accepts documents concerned with service of process (for example, if the process server does not identify themselves as such, or if the documents are in an unmarked envelope), that employee should take them to public safety as soon as possible after discovering their nature.

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Revision History

Original 10/9/1996
Revisions 5/10/2005; 5/21/2009; 4/21/2015; 12/12/23; 2/21/24

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