6380 Security Camera Use

Original Date: 5/10/2005 * Last Revision Effective: 10/15/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


Bellevue College uses technology to improve security on the campus grounds. Such technology includes video cameras in several public and open areas. Security cameras may be connected to several different control rooms that are accessible to public safety. The purpose for using the cameras is to reduce incidents of crime by providing detailed recorded actions that occurred within the cameras field of view. Signs should be posted indicating that cameras are not monitored continuously and neither Bellevue College nor its employees shall be held liable of actions that do occur within the cameras’ field of view.

The following outlines where and when the college may employ security cameras. These uses do not apply to legitimate academic uses of video cameras for instructional or research purposes.

  • Security cameras may be used in public and open areas for safety and security purposes only. College administration will approve where cameras will be installed and will review the actions recorded should the need arise. The cameras will be in plain view. Areas being recorded will be marked with appropriate signs. The cameras will not record sound.
  • Cameras shall NOT be used to observe any private areas or employee work areas without prior notification of employees, with the exception of public safety investigations of criminal activity. A private area or employee work area may be recorded for a work-related purpose, such as to study a work process or to record financial transactions or cash handling. Any recording of a private area or an employee work area must be approved in advance by the Bellevue College administration.
  • Recording of any location on campus grounds may be conducted, in accordance with state and federal laws, to detect and record criminal activity. Such recordings shall be coordinated and conducted ONLY by public safety or other law enforcement agencies.
  • Use of security cameras or their recordings for any non official purpose is strictly forbidden. Any person utilizing security cameras for any illegal or prohibited purpose may be subject to disciplinary or legal actions.
  • Cameras are forbidden to be used in any restroom public or private, locker room, changing area or shower.

Questions about this security program or the law enforcement elements of such plans or policies should be directed to the director of public safety. Inquiries about the use of cameras to observe employee work areas, as outlined above, should be directed to the vice president of administrative services.



  • The president or designee authorized to make decisions pursuant to the use of cameras at Bellevue College.


  • Bellevue College owned and controlled properties.


  • Bellevue College


  • Any person employed, or contracted by Bellevue College.

Public Areas

  • Areas accessible to the general public, students, and or employees of Bellevue College.

Private Areas

  • Areas that are assigned to or controlled by and individual or a select group of individuals such as, private offices, semi private offices, or work areas.

Public Safety

  • Applies to any person employed by the public safety office.


  • The act of watching, listening or tracking live action through the use of electronic devices.

Revision History

Original 5/10/2005
Revisions 5/21/2009; 10/15/2015

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President’s Cabinet

Last Updated October 15, 2015