7360 Identity Theft Prevention

Original Date: 6/17/2009 * Last Revision Effective: 10/19/2015
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


In order to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Red Flags Rule”, under sections 114 and 315 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Bellevue College shall implement an identity theft prevention program for new and existing credit accounts (“covered accounts”) protected under the act that contain sensitive “identifying information.” The college will develop and monitor appropriate procedures that provide for the identification, detection and response to patterns, practices, or specific activities – known as “red flags” – that could indicate identity theft.


A “covered account” is defined under the rule as:

  • Any account the college offers or maintains primarily for personal, family or household purposes, that involves multiple payments or transactions; and
  • Any other account the college offers or maintains for which there is a reasonably foreseeable risk to customers or to the safety and soundness of the college from identity theft.

“Identifying information” is defined under the rule as:

  • Any name or number that may be used, alone or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific person: including: name, address, telephone number, social security number, date of birth, government-issued driver’s license or identification number, alien registration number, government passport number, employer or taxpayer identification number, unique electronic identification number, computer’s internet protocol address, or routing code.

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Revision History

Original 6/17/2009
Revisions 10/19/2015

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Last Updated July 15, 2019