Electric LEAF Available for Check Out at $5 per hr

Date posted: March 27, 2014

Exciting News for all of us who don’t have an electric car of our own: the Nissan LEAF of Bellevue College’s own Enterprise CarShare fleet is now available for personal use!

And it gets better…From April all the way through September (that’s six months) you can use the LEAF at a special rate of only $5 an hour!

Sign up for Enterprise CarShare today and receive $35 in free driving credits.  That’s like 7 hours free!  And with the LEAF, you don’t ever have to worry about filling up on gas (even though Enterprise covers the cost of gas for you).

Enterprise will be visiting Bellevue College campus on Monday, April 21st as part of our  Earth Week Transportation Fair!


Enterprise Car ShareEnjoy   $5/hr rates for a limited time on the Nissan Leaf!Cars   where and when you need them
Bellevue   College is excited to offer Enterprise CarShare members a special deal to use   the Nissan Leaf for only $5/hr*!

What’s cool about the Leaf?
· Now available for any CarShare member to rent
· Can be reserved by the hour for just $5 (includes fuel!) · It’s electric! Remember to plug it back in after your reservation (don’t worry, detailed instructions come via email)
· Parked right on campus – so running errands, or going to the movies, is   easy

Ready  to go? Make a reservation now: www.enterprisecarshare.com

Not a member yet? Simply click the “Join Now” button to become a member today   and receive a special offer to join*.

Membership includes:
·   One low, hourly rate includes all fuel costs and physical damage/liability   protection to keep your mind at ease!
· Online access to vehicle reservations
· Vehicles available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for business &   personal use
· Access to vehicles in convenient, designated parking spots

For  a list of locations or more information, visit: www.EnterpriseCarShare.com

Questions?   Contact 877-599-3227

Questions?  Comments?  Email transportation@bellevuecollege.edu