The Office of Sustainability

Amber Nicholson

Program Manager


Amber is the Program Manager for the Office of Sustainability. She works closely with the Sustainability Director on analyzing data, designing new projects, and engaging the college community. Amber brings experience in electronics and food manufacturing, as well as provincial and municipal government. Her goal is to use those experiences to improve upon sustainability metrics …more about Amber Nicholson

Christian Moore

Communications Coordinator


Christian is the Communications Coordinator for the office of Sustainability.┬áChristian is in charge of communicating any news or projects coming out of the Office of Sustainability tot he students, campus, and community. Christian manages the newsletters, mass-email campaigns, and updates other social media platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Using graphic design, digital media, …more about Christian Moore

Craig Hauser

Transportation Coordinator


Craig is the Transportation Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. Craig helps Bellevue College students coordinate their transportation plans for getting to school, and is always happy to help set someone up with finding a carpool partner, bus route information, bike routes, or answer any questions you might have. His goal is to build a …more about Craig Hauser