The Office of Sustainability

Deric Gruen image by wind turbine

Deric Gruen

Sustainability Director

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  • Phone: 425-564-2720

  • Bio:

    Deric graduated from the UW Daniel J. Evan’s School of Public Affairs with a MPA.  He had previously received his Bachelor of Arts from CU Boulder. Deric brings extensive leadership, communications, strategy, and analysis skills.  He has been honored with several awards for successful transportation initiatives, and has helped create a very successful sustainability program […]

Patrick Green holding shell on beach

Patrick Green

Program Manager

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  • Phone: 425-564-3342

  • Bio:

    Patrick Green works as Program Manager for the Office of Sustainability. He provides project support for the Office as well as to students and staff engaged in sustainability efforts. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with concurrent master’s degrees in Public Administration and Urban Design and Planning. Patrick brings experience in infrastructure […]

Laurie Nord headshot

Laurie Nord

Resource Accounting Coordinator

  • Bio:

    Laurie supports Bellevue College’s sustainability initiatives by collecting and entering campus finance and operations data, and preparing reports. Laurie is currently enrolled at Bellevue College, studying environmental science, biology, and IT. Prior to coming to the Office of Sustainability, Laurie completed a data analysis internship at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. A native […]

Osha Morningstar image

Osha Morningstar

Sustainable Foods Coordinator

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  • Bio:

    Osha is the Sustainable Foods Coordinator and hails from Eastern Washington. Her major is accounting and she has attended several schools including Eastern Washington University, Spokane Falls Community College, Washington State University and now Bellevue College. She has had a variety of leadership roles at her previous schools including being a member of student government […]

Becky Szabo headshot outside stonehenge

Becky Szabo

Transportation Coordinator

  • Bio:

    Becky Szabo is the Transportation Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability. Becky’s goals this year involve encouraging students and staff to give their modes of transportation a second thought, and understand how our choices make an impact on our community and environment. She’ll be advocating for walking, biking, carpooling, and riding the bus in order […]

Picture of Beautiful Existence with daffodil in sunlight

Beautiful Existence

Communications Coordinator

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  • Phone: (425) 564-2135

  • Bio:

      Beautiful Existence is a Washington state native who grew up on her family’s working farm only consuming what they grew and raised. Beautiful’s childhood exposure to nature and sustainability has impacted every component of her life from the children’s environmental clothing line she produced in partnership with Ecocycle to the Environmental media web site […]