Become a Captain of Sustainability

Bellevue College Captains of SustainabilityThe Captains of Sustainability Program is a network of staff, faculty, and administrators working together to achieve one common goal: Promoting a culture of sustainability at Bellevue College. We are devoted to raising awareness on campus with optimism and hope our positive grassroots activities will strengthen and enhance energy conservation and waste reduction.

Goals and Objectives:

—The primary goal of the Captains of Sustainability Program is to enhance communication with offices and departments on conservation and waste reduction opportunities.  The Captains will share and discuss ideas, encourage conservation and implement small projects in their office, for example, finding out if the network printer can default to double-sided.

—The Captains of Sustainability Program will encourage employee engagement and empowerment in building a sustainable college. The end goal of this program is for Bellevue College to become a leader in sustainability and meet the College’s climate commitment.


—Your efforts will make BC a more environmentally and financially sustainable college.

  • — Special opportunities and recognition
  • —  Rewarding friendships and professional relationships
  • —  Build knowledge of sustainable practices
  • —  Unique opportunity to build cooperation in your team & develop leadership skills
  • —  Develop and practice creative thinking skills

Last Updated April 8, 2014