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Amanda Jankus


Amanda Jankus (Lundquist) came to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 from Chicago. Her love for the Windy City followed her as she brings her passion and excitement into the classroom, striving to create a fun and inviting environment for all of her students.  Amanda earned her Master’s in Communication from Purdue University and taught Introduction to Communication there for three years. Amanda has had the opportunity to teach abroad in Gulu, Uganda, and brings those experiences back to her students in the U.S. American classroom integrating culture and communication. She loves teaching at BC, and has also taught multiple classes at South Seattle Community College. She makes it her goal to create a family vibe in the classroom, allowing for each student to share their individual voices and stories. Her favorite part of teaching is learning from and about her students. She is happily married to another teacher whom she met in Africa.  They have an adorable boxer dog named Luna, and are expecting their first child in August of 2014.