Jennifer Anderson Picture

Jennifer Anderson


I began teaching at Bellevue College as an adjunct Communication Studies Instructor in 2007 and became a full-time faculty member in 2013. Prior to coming to BC, I worked in the nonprofit sector and taught at Green River Community College. I love teaching at this level because I am able to build relationships with my ...more about Jennifer Anderson

Whitney Anspach Picture

Whitney Anspach


Whitney holds a B.A. in Communication from Worcester State College, a M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island, and a Ph.D in Communication from the University of Washington. Her research focused on critical studies of mass communication, political communication, and media effects. In short, Whitney was a college student for a long ...more about Whitney Anspach

Aaron Day Picture

Aaron Day

Renee DeHeck Picture

Renee DeHeck


Renee DeHeck is a graduate of California State University,  Stanislaus in Turlock, CA with a BA in Organizational Communications and a  Masters of Arts, in Mass Communication Management also from CSU, Stanislaus. Prior to becoming an educator, Ms. DeHeck has a diverse  background of 25 years in the Media/Advertising Industry. Her early beginnings  were with ...more about Renee DeHeck

Matthew Edwards Picture

Matthew Edwards


My name is Matt Edwards and I’m a part-time faculty member in the Communication Studies Department at Bellevue College.  At Bellevue College, I’ve been teaching Organizational Communication, Introduction to Communication, Small Group Communication, and Introduction to News Writing for the past three years. In addition to Bellevue College, I have been teaching a variety of ...more about Matthew Edwards

Theresa Ford Picture

Theresa Ford

Janelle Gardner Picture

Janelle Gardner

Stephanie Hurst Picture

Stephanie Hurst


Stephanie came to Bellevue College in 2003 having previously taught at Palm Beach Community College and California State University Long Beach. Stephanie earned her M.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Long Beach where she served as the Assistant to the Director of the Center for First Amendment Studies and was awarded a fellowship through the ...more about Stephanie Hurst

Amanda Jankus Picture

Amanda Jankus


Amanda Jankus (Lundquist) came to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 from Chicago. Her love for the Windy City followed her as she brings her passion and excitement into the classroom, striving to create a fun and inviting environment for all of her students.  Amanda earned her Master’s in Communication from Purdue University and taught Introduction ...more about Amanda Jankus

Michael Korolenko Picture

Michael Korolenko


Michael Korolenko was  born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, New York, which in itself is a  frightening concept to contemplate. He did undergraduate work in English and  film at Vassar College where he was in one of the first co-educational  graduating classes which to this day causes him endless consternation. While  doing graduate ...more about Michael Korolenko

Li Liu Picture

Li Liu


I came to Bellevue College after five years of teaching experience at other local community colleges in the area. I received my Ph.D from University of Washington and my research is focused on language and culture, as well as how social members use narrative to make sense of their life experience. To me, successful teaching ...more about Li Liu

Jacob London Picture

Jacob London

Laura Nudelman Picture

Laura Nudelman


I have been teaching  over 20 years at Bellevue College. I was hired immediately after I finished my MA in Speech Communication from San Diego State University. Before SDSU, I  attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, where I received a BA in  Communication and English. My first experience in the discipline of  Communication was ...more about Laura Nudelman

Katherine Medbery Oleson Picture

Katherine Medbery Oleson

CMST Dept. Chair


I have been teaching at Bellevue College since 2005. I taught part-time for two quarters and then was hired as a full-time faculty member of the Speech Department. In the summer 2008 quarter, we merged the Speech & the Communication Departments into the Communication Studies Department. I am the current chair of the Communication Studies ...more about Katherine Medbery Oleson

Art Sanders Picture

Art Sanders


The biggest thrill behind the KOMO microphone comes the moment I’m the first to deliver breaking news to the audience. Hear me on KOMO Radio 7-midnight Tues-Fri and Noon-5pm Saturdays. I've been an announcer on ‘The Price Is Right’, a disc jockey, a talk show Host and I teach broadcasting courses at Bellevue College - ...more about Art Sanders

Hank Sitko Picture

Hank Sitko


Hank Sitko received his BBA from the University of Texas in Austin, TX and his MA in Communications from Bowling Green State University.  He’s been teaching communication courses for over 10 years.  He enjoys teaching all aspects of communication as well as film and media courses. Prior to teaching, Hank served in several senior executive positions ...more about Hank Sitko

Dru Williams Picture

Dru Williams

Bruce Wolcott Picture

Bruce Wolcott


Prior to teaching at Bellevue College Bruce Wolcott  has many years of experience in various aspects of commercial media production. Early in his career, he studied motion picture production in Rome, Italy and worked was involved with multi-image production in New York City. After completing his B.A. at The Evergreen State College in multimedia and ...more about Bruce Wolcott