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Laura Nudelman


I have been teaching  over 20 years at Bellevue College. I was hired immediately after I finished my MA in Speech Communication from San Diego State University. Before SDSU, I  attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, where I received a BA in  Communication and English. My first experience in the discipline of  Communication was through high school debate. I then competed for University of the Pacific on a full scholarship.  After coaching debate at SDSU, I hung  up my competitive debate hat and concentrated on the interpersonal and  organizational communication facets of this discipline.

I teach a variety of  courses, but mainly focus on the behavioral side of Communication rather than  the Rhetoric and Public Address areas.  In addition to teaching, I have  also served in leadership positions on campus and volunteer efforts in the community. At times I have worked as a communication consultant or trainer for area businesses and organizations and enjoy discussing workplace application of Communication Studies material.

My husband and I live in Sammamish with  our three daughters. My oldest child is now in college and I am constantly reminded of what the undergraduate experience is like from the student  perspective.