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James comes from Tasmania, Australia, where he is deeply involved in the tech/startup scene. He runs his own company (Bitlink) which specializes in solving problems using technology, as well as running education programs (both for school-age children and teens, as well as practicing teachers).

In addition to running Bitlink, James is the President of Startup Tasmania and one of the founders of Enterprize, a pair of startup accelerators (one in Hobart and one in Launceston).

James began his career at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLab) in Australia, which was attached to sister labs in Seattle, WA and Christchurch, NZ. It was during this period that James got to know a number of people involved in the VR scene in Seattle.

James is currently working with Bellevue College as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar and this course is one of the major projects he’ll be working on during his time here.



He earned a BA in media and communications at The Evergreen State College, and has many years of experience in various aspects of media production. He studied motion picture production in Rome, Italy and worked at Motiva Ltd., a pioneering multi-image production company in New York City.

After completing his B.A. at The Evergreen State College he worked as media production coordinator for the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, and as a visual effects designer and producer for a wide range of Seattle-area clients.

Since 1998, while teaching at Bellevue College, he completed web-related projects for the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, Harcourt Brace Publishers, and Thomson Publishing. During this period, he taught a wide variety of media theory and communications classes: Web Multimedia Foundations, Digital Imaging, Exploring the Digital Future, Visual Storytelling, History of Animation, Technology of Persuasion, Computer and Internet Foundations, Game Theory, Writing for the Web, and Media and Messages.

In 2017, he won the Margin of Excellence award for teaching at Bellevue College. His current interests are in collaborative learning environments, and exploring the application of virtual and augmented reality for education.


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