WordPress Mayflower Theme version 1.2.4 Deployed

Mayflower Theme version 1.2.4 has been deployed to production. If your website is in the new Bellevue College WordPress environment, you will see the following changes and new features!

Below is a list of changes:

Page Featured image now displayed on the navigation page.

When you create a Navigation Page structure, and give child pages a Featured Image, the image will appear with the excerpt on the navigation page. Note that the picture will not appear on the page itself, only on the navigation page.

Featured image now a better size on posts

This version displays the featured image as medium size instead of a thumbnail size. This is more appropriate for a single post page.

New sidebar widget area layout

This version provides with four different sidebar widget areas:

  • Top Global Sidebar: shows on all pages
  • Static Page Sidebar: ¬†shows on all static pages, including home page set to static. Static pages are any page that does not show ‘posts’.
  • Blog Page Sidebar: ¬†shows on all blog-related pages, including home page set to blog)
  • Bottom Global Sidebar: shows on all pages

Category View now available

Now you can direct users to a page that will show all posts in a particular category. This page is accessible from the ‘Categories’ section on the Menu page, as well as from the ‘Categories’ section under ‘Posts’.

Automatic sidebar display

Sidebar will now display automatically if there is content in the widget area. This allows for some pages to show a sidebar and others to be full width, if needed.

Staff page now shows all entries

All staff is being shown on a staff page- the limit of 50 staff members has been removed.

Widgets without titles

If a widget does not have a title specified, the blue title area will no longer display

CAS Login Improved

A bug that sometimes made it difficult to sign in to individual sites has been resolved.

Globals Settings Options updated

We have improved the configurability of the connection between WordPress and our college stylesheets. Will not impact users.

Minor interface improvements and bug fixes

Last Updated July 29, 2014