The Greek philosopher Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. If you’ve ever been unsatisfied with accepting someone’s opinion on a topic and were inclined to ask, “Why should I believe that?” then you have begun to philosophize. You wanted to question the heart of religious claims, artistic expression, theories of mind, views on social justice, morality, and the nature of rational belief.

No matter what your field of study–Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Art History, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Linguistics, or Physical Education–you will eventually have to grapple with the fundamental questions of your field. What is the mind made of? Can there be completely random events in nature? Is there an innate tendency to learn grammar? Does playing sports aid in moral development? Does God exist? These are questions for philosophers; and all thinking, inquiring people take on this task in the course of their lives. It is the goal of Bellevue College’s Philosophy Department to help people accomplish this task with excellence.

PURPOSE STATEMENT: The purpose of the BC department of Philosophy is to cultivate critical thinking generally and about philosophical issues and views in particular. We promote these ends through quality instruction in a broad range of course offerings, the dissemination of faculty scholarship, participation in college governance and thoughtful engagement with colleagues and students.

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