6150 Serving Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

Original Date: 10/1/1995 * Last Revision Effective: 3/4/2020
Policy Contact: Vice President, Administrative Services


Alcoholic beverages will not be served at Bellevue College without the approval of the provost or their designee.  The college reserves the right to deny any application on the basis that it may be inconsistent with the college’s educational mission. Security personnel may be required to be present for events serving alcohol. A Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board permit must be obtained prior to serving or selling alcohol. Event sponsors will ensure that all provisions of the Washington Administrative Code and state legislation pertaining to alcohol permits and usage are followed.

Alcoholic beverages may not be served at student club meetings or events.


Event Sponsor: Representative of a BC internal department that is hosting an event or representative of an external party that is renting facilities at the college.

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Revision History

Original 10/1/1995
Revisions 3/22/2005; 3/10/2009; 5/21/2009; 5/13/2015; 3/4/2020

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Last Updated March 9, 2020