6900 Records and Email Retention Policy

Original Date: 11/30/2010 * Last Revision Effective: 5/12/23
Policy Contact: Vice-President, Administrative Services


Bellevue College (BC) retains and disposes of public records according to Washington state law and the State Board for Community and Technical College (SBCTC) Public Information and Public Records policy.

BC policy requires that all employees review and familiarize themselves with the established record retention schedule(s) and with all retention procedures specific to their individual and departmental responsibilities and the types of records they handle.

Records produced in the execution of federally-funded grants and contracts must be retained in accordance with 45 CFR 74.53.

Questions about the proper classification of a specific piece of information should be addressed to the office of the vice president of administrative services. Records that respond to pending public records requests submitted to the College or that relate to current, anticipated, or reasonably foreseeable litigation cannot be destroyed or deleted, even if they have reached the end of their retention period


Public Record 

The term “public record” shall have the same meaning that it has under RCW 40.14.010.

Relevant Laws and Other Resources

Revision History

Original 11/30/2010
Revisions 12/20/2011; 9/24/2012; 10/19/2015; 10/20/2021; 5/12/23

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