8 Reasons to Join the Paperless Evaluation Pilot

  1. More immediate feedback.  The results of the survey are available a couple weeks after the quarter ends instead of 7 weeks or more.
  2. Trackable results.  You can login to your links and see how many people (but not who) have responded throughout the quarter and encourage students to respond more by going to the same link above and here: https://bellevuecollege.edu/ClassEval/manage/default.aspx.
  3. Easy access to results.  All you have to do is run a report to see the evaluations for your instructors instead of sift through mounds of paper, that I personally don’t even know how to file.  (see my desk).
  4. Less work for everyone, including the administrative staff.  Our support staff don’t have to run the paper around the office, into our inboxes, type up results and shuffle them back to you.
  5. Save time & money. Paper and all associated costs are more expensive than first glance when you factor in toner, storage, envelopes, work time, energy etc.
  6. Backed up data. Thanks to our efficient computing services crew and servers, all the data is backed up online for us.
  7. Save some trees. 🙂
  8. Students can do them anytime and anywhere.  Students have a window of time to complete them so if they aren’t in class, they can do them anywhere on campus.

Can you think of other reasons to join the pilot?

Contact Marika Reinke at mreinke@bellevuecollege.edu if you would like to learn more and  join this pilot.

Last Updated November 30, 2010