Students Discoveries Support New Bins

In Nancy Gonlin’s archeology class, a group of students embarked on an exciting team project. The aim of the project was to play the role of archeologist and observe Bellevue College community’s behavior by examining the garbage, composting and recycling bins. They were not permitted to interact with the students.

Their findings indicated that there’s a lot more work to do to educate campus on what items need to be recycled, composted or trashed. The biggest concern observed was garbage in recycle bins and recyclable material in trash cans.  They did find that bins with round holes or slits like paper were being used more appropriately.

Bellevue College has embarked on a campus-wide review and standardization of exterior garbage and recycling this quarter after student Shirin Lofti’s presentation to the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) Committee.

Garbage bins that were serving little purpose were pulled closer to campus and recycling bins were stationed next to all exterior garbage bins just days after the archeology students completed their report, supported by an SESF grant and undertaken by BC Facility Operations.  Also with part of the grant, new signage will be piloted in all over the student union area of the C building. These signage will have images that illustrate which items go in each bin.

Bellevue College now has standards for garbage, recycling and compost as illustrated below. With these improvements, we hope that recycling around campus will increase and become second nature to Bellevue College’s community.

Last Updated September 24, 2014