SESF Update: August 2012

On August 7th 2012 the SESF Committee held their first meeting of the 2012 fiscal year. There were two funding requests as well as a presentation by Patrick Green, Program Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability, detailing a new approach to the SESF application process and protocol. Mackenzie Williamson, ASG Environmental Representative and chair of the SESF, requested and was granted $3500 funding to bring herself, Deric Gruen, and one student to the AASHE Conference in LA this October. BC Garden Advisor Karrin Peterson was granted$3500 to pay for recent beds added to the garden as well as future projects such as mulching the garden beds, building a shed to store tools, expand the irrigation system, seeds and soil, and general garden maintenance.

The next SESF Meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, September 25th, 1:30pm-2:30pm in room C211


Last Updated December 11, 2013