ASG Print Reduction Initiative – Next Phase

In order to promote sustainable and financially responsible practices on campus, the Associated Student Government of 2010-2011 launched a print reduction initiative with a goal of reeling in the excessive printing of some students and educating students to be successful in a low paper or paper-free learning environment.  ASG research found that nearly all colleges are charging for printing and offering a limited number of free prints each quarter.

The initiative has rolled out in phases with the support of successive student governments.  In Winter 2012 Paper cut was introduced, a software tool, that lets students see how much they’ve printed with a desktop icon (below) and printing history that measures environmental impact.  That reportedly saved 63,801 pages that weren’t wanted and 120,762 page that exceeded the maximum.  In Fall 2012 a 300 print per quarter limit was instituted on student computers which stopped abusive printing, which included student printing more than 1,000 pages.  

Starting Winter 2013 student computers will be pay per print, students will receive $15.00 in credit and each print will deduct $0.10.  If necessary, students will be able to purchase additional printing credits at pay stations in N250 (the N lab). The pay stations will accept coins and bills, but not pennies.  Printing balances expire at the end of each quarter and do not rollover and are not transferable. 

Student printing is paid for by the Student Technology Fund.  Reducing printing reduces the need to increase student technology fees and assures there are funds available for student technology needs.  It will also reduce our College’s environmental footprint and provide students the information they need to make responsible choices.

Last Updated December 6, 2013