Sustainability Intern Spotlight

At the end of Fall Quarter 2012 the Office of Sustainability hired three new interns to tackle of some of the issues facing sustainability on campus. The three internships include a Zero-Waste Intern, an Advocacy Intern, as well as a Sustainable Foods Intern. Here is a description of each internship and what it is they are working to accomplish.


The purpose of Zero-Waste Internship is to maintain sustainable trash bins distribution as well as signage throughout Bellevue College campus in order to create efficient waste management. Overall, the tasks include identifying the existing waste bins (garbage, recycle can and paper) in meeting rooms, common areas, and classrooms. While reviewing the campus for existing conditions, they will create a map or spreadsheet inventory, make recommendations to Facilities Operations on arrangement, distribution and need for additional bins. Additionally, the intern helped to run compost week on 1/28-2/1. For questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Zero-Waste intern at


The Sustainability Advocacy Intern helps bring Environmental Policy making to the BC campus by being a resource for BC students who are passionate about our environment and want to be part of important and progressive change through legislative advocacy. The intern is currently working on several advocacy projects and priorities. Students paired up with the Washington Priorities Coalition this year, to fight for and defend legislative bills that would move our WA state forward environmentally, economically and sustainability. You can learn more about the 2013 priorities here:
For questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Sustainability Advocacy intern at


The sustainable foods intern has created a Sustainable Foods Advisory Action Group comprised of students, staff, and faculty to make decisions about sustainable food practices at Bellevue College.  The project incorporates creating a long-term educational plan of educating the BC community, drafting and implementing marketing and advertising strategies to inform the community of current sustainable food practices. The long-term educational plan will allow opportunities for community engagement and education through fun and entertaining workshops, contests/games, and public forms of media. For questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Sustainable Foods intern at

Last Updated January 14, 2014