BYOB: Bring Your Own Bottle!

They’re finally here! With funds appropriated from the SESF we have installed eight water bottle filling spigots around campus. This victory for the sustainability team will mean a reduction in disposable water bottles, increased accessibility, and a better awareness of the effects plastic bottles have on our earth. Disposable bottles contain toxins, are costly to dispose of, create a huge amount of waste, and are costly. This lucrative industry has caused problems in the spheres of social justice and threatened the sustainability of our environment. Petroleum, an increasingly scarce resource, is needed to make, transport, and dispose of the bottles. A reusable bottle will save all kinds of assets for our community, our world, and our pockets. With the installation of convenient retro-fits, members of the college community will be more likely to use a reusable water bottle. The locations of these spigots are near: C106, C212, D126T (coming soon), N253, L103, G04, and S1. From problem to solution we’re making big changes at Bellevue College!

Michael Yoon shows how difficult it is to fill up a water bottle using the normal water fountain spout.
Heidi Yota shows how to use the new water bottle spigots.

Last Updated April 29, 2013