BC Community Saves Thousands on Efficient Lighting Deals

Bellevue College hosted a PSE vendor during Earth Week who sold Energy Savings Boxes. These boxes came in a $5 or $20 version. Both included numerous energy efficient light bulbs, such as CFLs and LEDs. Many people choose to go with the $20 box, which had an efficient showerhead and sink faucet attachment on top of the light bulbs.  The vendor sent us some great information regarding the energy and money savings that resulted from the boxes purchased during Earth Week.

Cost cutting numbers on spreadshettWe had 56 people pick up boxes, resulting in 698 Energy-Star light bulbs being sold. Assuming all the light bulbs are used to replace conventional incandescent, the annual operating cost savings is more than 11k dollars! This is showing that not only are we able to reduce our impact on the planet by using more efficient bulbs, but we are directly reducing our impact on our wallet! These boxes represent a unique opportunity to get the CFLs and LEDs at a much reduced price.

Another interesting fact according to this chart of CFL Benefits is that the savings as a percent of retail price is OVER 9000!!!!! The cost benefit of CFLs is astounding! Next time we host these vendors, be sure to pick yourself up a box to experience the savings!

Spreadsheet of summary

Last Updated November 19, 2013