Sustainable Foods Highlights

What does “sustainable foods” mean?

Sustainable foods consist of food having a variety of characteristics, and there are many ways of talking about “sustainable foods”. Here are some sustainable foods topics that have surfaced at Bellevue College:

  • Local
  • Organic
  • Fair-trade
  • Healthy
  • Equitable
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Food that is grown and processed in respect to people and the environment.

What is happening at Bellevue College on sustainable foods?

The Sustainable Foods Advisory Action Group (SFAAG) formed in January 2013. The group is comprised of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to making food at Bellevue College more sustainable.

The SFAAG works to address the topics above through action and policy, giving sustainable foods a meaningful presence in the lives of students, staff and faculty. Some of the items discussed at the SFAAG include:

  • A weekly farmer’s market on campus;
  • Labeling key ingredients of prepared foods;
  • Promoting local and organic products;

The group also works to empower and connect individual leaders in the Bellevue College community. SFAAG members work on  projects such as expanding uses of the BC community garden, potential for a BC food bank, and creating new learning opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

If you any have questions, comments, or concerns about Sustainable Foods or if you would like to know how to get involved please contact the Sustainability at Bellevue College’s Sustainable Foods Coordinator, Osha Morningstar, at

Last Updated December 3, 2013