New Projector Software Can Save

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The Bellevue College Media Maintenance department is deploying new software called Global Viewer in order to manage classroom projectors.  So far 83 projectors are online with the software, a project that can ultimately save the campus energy and money if it is used to the fullest potential.

Projector lamps cost around $300 dollars each and consume about 300 watts of energy when the lamp is in operation.  Most lamps usually last around 2,000 hours (about 4 years) and the cost of replacing a projector is around $1,500.  But that time frame is directly related to the lamps operating hours which means it could need replacement sooner if it is not managed properly or kept ON when not in use.

Global Viewer is not something that will be visible to room users, but here’s a screenshot:

While the primary purpose of Global Viewer is to support staff and track usage, it can also help cut down on unnecessary and costly energy consumption from lamps running all night long since the Media Maintenance department can now schedule projectors to be turned off overnight through Global Viewer.

Screen display for lighting saving devices

How you can help… During regular hours you can do your part by turning off projectors in empty classrooms.  But also make sure you’re not fooled by the “Display Mute” button which does not shut the projector off, it only mutes the display.  You will need to use the “Display” ON and OFF buttons to actually control the projector power.

Another way you can help is to also remember to power off other displays that do not have the “Display” ON and OFF controls.

With the installation of Global Viewer and our individual help, we can all be a part of saving energy and money on the Bellevue College campus!

Face of lighting display case


Last Updated November 19, 2013