Recycle Station Improvements

Bellevue College Recycling bins in a row

Facilities Operations is implementing standard recycle stations in groups, with signage and standard colors for trash, recycling, and compost (where applicable) in interior common areas. This builds on last year’s project implemented by Facilities Operations to standardize exterior waste bins and a student intern project from Winter 2013. Both were funded by the Student Environmental Sustainability Fund (SESF) and have the goal of diverting more waste from trash to recycling and compost.

In Winter 2013 student Tahira Nurjaman did a campus-wide audit of interior common areas to identify where there was a glut of trash or recycling bins and which areas were missing bins. She then plotted and summarized her finding for facilities operations. Together they applied for SESF funds to purchase new sign frames which attach directly to bins allowing custodians to remove old wall-signs and clean up the appearance of buildings and add new bins to keep it consistent.

Check out the new look currently or coming soon to your building:

Bellevue College Recycling bins in a rowBellevue College Garbage can sign 

Last Updated January 14, 2014