Sustainability Course Outcomes in 19 Programs

Over the course of Spring Quarter the Faculty Sustainability Representatives identified Bellevue College courses with sustainability learning outcomes with fruitful results.  In total, they identified 69 courses from 19 programs with sustainability focused or related learning outcomes that mapped to sustainability learning outcomes (PDF), as defined by the sustainability curriculum committee, a subcommittee of the EAC.   Identifying learning outcomes gives the first picture of how and to what degree sustainability is structurally built into the Bellevue College curriculum.   There are many faculty beyond these courses that teach sustainability applying flexible learning outcomes.

All divisions were represented in this review, see the summary and the list of below and the courses and course outcomes identified.  If we missed a course outcome that you believe is sustainability related or focused, please let us know; contact Deric Gruen (info in sidebar).


Last Updated April 15, 2014