Business Sustainability Internships

BSUST logoThe Bellevue College Business Sustainable Practices BSUST has two Internship positions available!

Marketing Coordinator:

Analyze the effectiveness of marketing tactics or channels.  Develop branding for department.  Develop communication materials, advertisements, presentations and/or public relations initiatives to promote awareness of department.  Identify marketing channels for department.  Write marketing content for department (website, brochures, and other media).

Sustainable Business Outreach Coordinator:

Student will have responsibility for coordinating and/or implementing Sustainable Business community outreach programs.  Duties include various activities such as determining the need for information; researching and selecting appropriate educational/outreach materials; making presentations to students, the public, and/or governmental employees; planning conferences, seminars, and meetings for the specific program; and preparing educational and/or community outreach surveys or reports.  Positions work collaboratively and have latitude to resolve issues within their area of responsibility.  Unusual problems that may occur are brought to Instructors with probable outcomes and solutions.


  • Unpaid, for credit (scholarship available for tuition waiver)
  • Paid, for credit (scholarship available for tuition waiver)
  • Paid, not for credit

For more information please contact Mary Corcoran at:

*Pay and job title are determined by the Internship office based on responsibilities compared to state standards.*

Last Updated April 22, 2014