Sustainable Foods on World Food Day!

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In respect of World Food Day today, Wednesday October 16th, the Sustainable Food Group (SFG) would like to highlight projects about different Sustainable Foods initiatives that are happening around the Bellevue College campus…

First of all, here’s a little more about the Sustainable Foods Group (SFG). SFG is a group comprised of students, staff and faculty who address concerns about food and food-related issues on campus.  Some examples of what the SFG work on are: food equity, local and organic food, and healthy eating options, as well as a variety of other topics.  The SFG listens to the campus voice and has already started planning for two initiatives that were brought about by staff and student led requests… organic food labeling and soup ingredient labeling!

Currently SFG  is working on two goals for the campus, including a farmers market and food labeling.

Goal 1: Farmers Market SFG envisions a regular farmers market on campus that would supply local, equitable, organic, and healthy food throughout the year.

Goal 2: Food Labeling

Ingredients The long-term goal is to have comprehensive product labels for all prepared items in the cafes and cafeterias which would include: all ingredients, nutritional information, and if the product is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc., as well as the common allergens, such as wheat, fish, nuts, eggs, poultry, etc.

Soup labeling SFG is also working on creating label cards for the most commonly used soups in the cafeteria.  The short term goal is to have ingredient cards that would list the most common allergens, in addition to labeling if the soup is vegan, vegetarian, or contains meat.  The pilot of this project is now underway – go check it out!

Other ways SFG is working on campus include the following:

Organic choices SFG is working on labeling organic items in the salad bar.  Label cards are currently in place for certain items and we are working on designating a section of the salad bar specifically for organic items.  By doing this you will know exactly where to go to find organic products in the cafeteria.  SFG is also looking at ways to bring more organic products to campus in the near future, such as a spring salad mix.

Our current list of organic options in the salad bar includes:

  • Roma tomatoes
  • Caesar salad dressing
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots

Campus Food Bank Members of the Sustainable Foods Group are working with other BC community members and outside agencies (such as the Issaquah Food Bank) to host a food canteen (food bank) on campus where students would be able to get healthy food items free of charge.  Some examples could include: produce, meat, dairy, dry grains, beans, etc.

Campus Food Preparation Areas There is a concern of how to meet the needs of low-income students on campus.  One solution is to have a food preparation and storage area (both refrigerated and dry) on campus.  One aspect of this would be to include a food preparation area for students to have access to sinks, microwaves, stoves, kitchen utensils, etc. so they may safely and effectively prepare their stored food items.  The second component of this is a good storage area where students would be able to store food they bring from home (or from the campus food bank once it is implemented) in refrigerators, cupboards, etc.

The Sustainable Foods Group values the opinions of the BC community about food on campus. The SFG seeks the growth of sustainable foods on-campus!  So if you would like to volunteer with us or if you would like to voice your questions, comments or concerns… please contact the Sustainable Foods Coordinator, Osha Morningstar, at or call (425) 546-2163.

Let’s help bring a great World Food Day to everyone on campus in the future!


Last Updated January 10, 2014