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This month’s highlights:

BSUST 110, Communication for Sustainable Business Practices, is using a diverse range of media to promote and communicate for actual businesses.  One of this quarter’s clients is the Snoqualmie Sister Cities Association, whose mission is “to establish educational, cultural and economic relationships between the City of Snoqualmie, Washington, USA and the City of Gangjin, Republic of Korea in order to foster understanding, peace and prosperity between our two cities and in the world as part of a larger global effort.”  Students will utilize several media tools to increase awareness and participation in the student exchange program developed between the sister cities.  By working with the SSCA’s Board of Directors, which include the Mayor of Snoqualmie and the Superintendent of the Snoqualmie School District, students will develop real world experience and networking opportunities.

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Sustainable Business Program is also excited to welcome the addition of 3 new interns to its marketing department.  Both Jennifer Allison and Stassney Obregon will be coming on as Sustainable Business Outreach Coordinators to help develop and implement on and off campus outreach programs.  Debi Armstrong will be filling the Marketing Coordinator position to promote awareness and develop marketing tactics and materials.

This month two of our new interns will be attending the Washington State Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WAHESC) held at Western Washington University.  Both Stassney and Jennifer will be developing new skills, sharing ideas, and developing strong networks to help advance sustainability on campus and in the Sustainable Business Program.

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Last Updated April 8, 2014