Teach Earth Week Pledge!

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Dear Bellevue College Faculty,

During Earth Week this year, the Sustainability Curriculum Committee is asking all faculty to pledge to teach Earth Week in some way, big or small.  The goal is to reach thousands of students during Earth Week; April 21st to 25th 2014.  This might be a 5 minute math problem that uses a climate example, a class discussion on local food, a lecture (or part of a lecture), a case study, eco-topia inspired art, etc. or bringing your class to an Earth Week speaker or film; every faculty member can contribute in some way!   See who’s already made the pledge below…

Prizes:  Green Your Office with Bellevue Nursery Certificate:

  • $100 Division Prize (most participants + highest % programs participating; equally weighted)
  • $50 Individual Prize (drawn at random from submissions)

Need some help?  Check out the new Sustainability Resources canvas site, use the Earth Week schedule to find a lecture, film or event for your class, or get support from a Faculty Sustainability Rep.

Please pledge your commitment to by filling in your name and the number of sections you’re teaching this quarter by following the link below:

Teach Earth Week Pledge

See pledges below (updated weekly):  Total student reach committed:  2,427 Students.  
Participants by division to date:  A&H 9; HSWEI 4; IBIT 3; SCI 11; SOCSCI 8.
NameDivisionProgram# Sections Spring Quarter# of Students Per Section (approximate)Total Student Reach
Glenn SmithIBITAccounting340120
Kurt FriedrichIBITProgramming22652
Jason FullerSCIBiology22856
Jason FullerSCIBiology22856
Doug RoselleSOCSCIGeography33090
George WalkerSOCSCIGeography430120
Tim KearneySCIMath438152
Ilara DeCourseyHSEWIHPRO13232
Ray ButlerHSEWIHealth and Physical Ed13030
Frank ChristophersonSCIChemistry13636
Rick GloverSCIENVS/CHEM23060
Tonya EstesA&HABE/GED32266
Sue ClaryA&HInternational Business Professionals11414
Sue CoxSOCSCIsociology336108
Julie SmithSOCSCIAnthropology13535
Martha SilanoA&HEnglish22550
Sue MillerSCILife Science430120
Allison KangSCIBiology23060
Sylvia CrawfordHSEWIHealth Professions430120
Julie SmithSOCSCIAnthropology23060
Anthony TessandoriSOCSCIAnthroplogy33090
Nancy GonlinSOCSCIAnthropology436144
Wendy PickeringA&HEnglish Language Institute31648
Mary CorcoranIBITBTS/BSUST33090
Karrin PetersonA&HEnglish426104
Tim KearneySCIMath430120
Shannon KingA&HELI41560
Shelly RobbinsIBITAccounting22550
Kelly ElsenbaumerHSEWIHealth & Physical Education13232
Supreetha KumarSCINutrition33090
Amy KnudsonSCIEarth and Space Sci/Geology22856
Sonya DoucetteSCIChemistry22448
Rhonda GilliamA&HEnglish22652
Anne Mary Nash HarunaIBITAccounting336108
Roshni TewariSCILife Science23060
Kristi MiddletonA&HEnglish Language Institute11515
Ian WalkerSOCSCIGeography23672
PeterHSEWIPE Wellness Center12525
Kent ShortSCIEarth and Space Sciences32884
Elizabeth HarazimA&HEnglish32884
Grace RobbingsSOCSCIEconomics338114
Amanda SenftSCIBiology23060




Last Updated April 30, 2014